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The Hell Of Lasagna (A Mini-Series), Day 3

Friday, June 4th, 2010

Okay, today is Day 3 of The Hell Of Lasagna, a mini-series inspired by my friend Jeffery who claims that making lasagna is easy. (I know, WTF, right?) If you missed Day 1 and want to catch up, click here. If you missed Day 2, click here. If you are bored with this whole exercise, just go watch Hulu or something.

As the next in what seems like an endless series of steps towards eating this damn dish, I was planning on roasting a chicken today. I should have roasted the chicken yesterday, probably, and made the white sauce today, instead of the other way around, but crabby cooks are not known for expertise in food organization. Read More


The Hell Of Lasagne (A Mini-Series), Day 2

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

Okay, my friend Jeffery talked me into this, and now I’m on Day 2 of The Hell Of Lasagne. If you missed Day 1, when I made the tomato sauce, you can click here to get up to speed. I’ve moved on now, making a béchamel, exactly as instructed by Jeffery. Read More

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