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Casaba Cucumber Salad

Sunday, August 9th, 2009

As I write this, I’m in Cape Cod, and I just found a casaba melon at the market. I seldom find them in Los Angeles. I suspect they’re too busy with other pursuits to be hanging out at Ralph’s. (If you are wondering what other pursuits a casaba melon could possibly have, well, my friend, click here and your appreciation of this lovely fruit will deepen, trust me.)

Anyway, whatever their other agenda, casabas apparently like to summer in Cape Cod. I took one home and stared at it for a while, wondering how I could mess with it, turn it into something more interesting than just a juicy slab on a plate. I had basil and a lemon. Some Recipe Angel whispered in my ear, telling me to go back to the store and get a cucumber and some feta cheese. I did that, on a bike. Then I started chopping. Read More

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