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The Crabby Cook, Video #2: “Oliver Matures”

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

Here I am bragging  about my near-perfect golden retriever, Oliver, and his impending birthday.


Dog Hair, Traveling Pants Suits and Tomatoes

Saturday, August 30th, 2008

When I returned to LA today after a three-week absence, my dog Oliver was the happiest being on earth. His ecstasy was very gratifying, although after a six-hour flight I could have done without the body block.

As soon as I brushed the golden retriever hairs off my black traveling pants (unlike Hillary, I was not wearing a traveling pants suit, and can we talk about what the difference is between a pants suit and a suit? Is it just that if a chick is wearing it, it’s a pants suit? What’s up with that? But I digress.) I rushed to the kitchen to make my imagined recipe for Louie’s tomato sauce. Read More

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