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Moroccan Wedding Cookies

My sister-in-law, Julie, is an amazing cook and food stylist and writes a column for The Baltimore Sun called “The Recipe Finder.” When I saw her at Thanksgiving, she was—having just cooked all week for her lazy-ass family—beginning prep for the column’s annual Holiday Cookie Contest.

Julie and other staff were each testing three recipes submitted by readers. Some of the recipes sounded promising, some, not so much. The Moroccan Wedding Cookies fell into the latter category, the recipe seeming too easy and odd to yield tasty results.

Well, excuse me ma’am—wrong! Turns out those Moroccan wedding planners know a thing or two about making a cookie. Not only do they take less than five minutes to throw together (which appeals to kitchen slackers like myself), they are unusually good.

(They are also non-dairy, but don’t let that scare you.)

Make them for your Annual Cookie Exchange instead of those elaborate ones with two layers, jam, icing and sprinkles that take you two days and involve a lot of cursing which is not suitable during holiday season.  You won’t be sorry.

Click here for the recipe, along with a few other winners.

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