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Cold Comfort

OatmealSandwichCookiesmage 4_2
Although it’s 43º in NYC today, it was certainly not so balmy last week. After a brisk walk in the 7º weather, I found myself with a serious interest in comfort food.

Now I’m back in LA where it is sickeningly beautiful every day (with temps hovering around 70º) but I still feel the need for the comfort. I think I’m suffering from a sort of cold-weather-related PTSD.

In this mood I was drawn to Melissa Clark’s New York Times recipe for Oatmeal Sandwich Cookies.. Not just drawn, that’s not strong enough language. I had to make the cookies in that way you that you must fulfill instructions given to you under hypnosis.

I made the cookies even knowing that I would be the only one in my LA household who would eat them. (With the exception of Oliver the golden retriever, nobody in my family will eat a non-chocolate dessert with even a trace of enthusiasm.)NYCSnowphoto

If you were in NYC last week (or in Chicago or Minneapolis or Fargo) then you know what I’m talking about. Make these cookies. You’ll feel much better.

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  1. Wendy Says:

    These look delicious. Too bad I’m always on a diet!

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