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How to Boil and Peel a Perfect Egg

Don’t you hate it when you hard boil an egg, and then you peel it and half the egg comes off with the shell and the yolk is green around the edges and it’s a big fat mess and you get even crabbier than you already were before you undertook this annoying task? This video shows you how to hard boil a perfect egg, so you can avoid egg-related irritation…

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10 Responses to “How to Boil and Peel a Perfect Egg”

  1. Vincent Cobb Says:

    I always enjoy your Crabby Cook videos. Please keep them coming. You’re a multi-talented individual whom I’ve enjoyed all facets of your creative output. Your informative and witty cooking expertise is just your latest endeavor that I relish (and I don’t mean the condiment).

  2. Lloyd Says:

    Hi Jessica, you light up my days and always make me smile I love it. I love the cow timer, moo! What was the music in the background? You’re the greatest, and yes I hate it when I try to peel a hard boiled egg but the shell sticks to the egg, ugh. Say hi to Oliver! Woof!

  3. debb Says:

    The fascinating thing to me is that you’ve actually cracked the case (not the shell) and determined the EXACT number of minutes required to execute this process, i.e. the 2-7-2 method (….which clearly suggests that perhaps I’m over-boiling at my usual 15…ya think?!) So, duly noted, Ms. Crabster…but I may have to wait til next Easter to see.

  4. Denise Osso Says:

    Oh Jessica! This is wonderful. I will not bowl. I will obey the timer. I will make the perfect hard-boiled egg from now on. Life is better. xoxo Denise

  5. Jessica Harper | BlahBlahBlog Says:

    […] a recent video I made about boiling an egg, I introduced my cow kitchen timer. This adorable gadget caused such a stir among video viewers, I […]

  6. Julie Says:

    I never had trouble peeling eggs until I bought some chickens and started using fresh eggs. They are impossible to peel. Will try your method and see if it works. I’m a little ADD so the 2-7-2 thing is going to be a challenge:)

  7. Marie Noelle Says:

    That’s a great video! Boiling and peeling a perfect egg isn’t easy! I’m sure I’ll be able to do a great job next time with your great tips!!

  8. Brittany Baughman Says:

    Well, now I know what my problem is lol. I was under the impression 15 minutes was standard practice (no idea where I got that though) so its time to correct my way of thinking so we can actually EAT the eggs I cook LOL.

  9. Angela Johnson Says:

    Ok I thought it was just me that could not get my boiled eggs correct.

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