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CCC’s Twisted Sister

CCCsBrownButterYou’ve eaten too many chocolate chip cookies in your lifetime. In the last year alone, you have had enough of them to satisfy the dessert needs of an entire state, say, Indiana, for a week. And that includes the catering of several gay weddings.

Concerned for your health, you are on a mission to get this addiction under control. You try a mantra: “No more CCC’s. No more CCC’s.” This works for sixteen hours. Then you go to a Passover seder where they offer a deeply non-kosher variety of your sugary nemesis and you succumb.

You try substituting. You eat so many dried apricots that you require medical attention. Then you go shopping for Fig Newtons, but you see a bag of Tate’s and you are undone.

At home, staring at the empty bag, you give yourself a lecture: “You have tasted CCC’s enough times. Life is about variety of experience, not repetition. If you eat the same thing all the time you are officially boring.”

These words seem to take hold; you have shamed yourself out of your rut. Your brain accepts that it’s time to change things up.

Then you get an email from America’s Test Kitchen featuring a recipe for CCC’s that are made with lovely, melty, brown butter rather than the usual cold, yellow stuff.

It’s the best of both worlds. It’s your favorite treat with a brand new twist, so that eating a batch feels adventurous rather than predictable and gluttonous.

You will resume your mission later, when this recipe loses its dazzle. After one taste, you know that will likely happen around the same time that hell freezes over. Or when Indiana embraces gay marriage. Whichever comes first.

Find the recipe here. Or here. Or here.

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  1. Suzanne Says:

    Oooooo, brown butter….always a game changer.

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