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New!! Crabby Goes Video!!: “Tom Makes Soup”

You know my husband doesn’t cook much…he did make a tuna melt back in ’96!

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21 Responses to “New!! Crabby Goes Video!!: “Tom Makes Soup””

  1. Scot Colford Says:

    Oh, yay! Jessica, you just made my day at work! Er, I mean *lunch hour*. Because I would never watch You Tube at work.

  2. Little Sistah Says:


  3. Maya Says:

    Wow, your first video, wery funny. You should have made the video with Tom in it, trying to make the soup. That would have been HILARIOUS.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I liked it too!! I was hoping to see Tom making soup.

  5. Don Kehn Jr Says:

    Hi JH,

    This is a delight! For those of us who have such fond memories of your performances over the years, how great to be able to see you again! All of the gestures, expressions, inflections–and that midwestern/Chicagoan sense of humor–are a joy. Please do more!!

    P.S.–I’m a bachelor who can’t cook worth beans (pardon the expresion!), yet have kept myself alive and have yet to ignite anything unintentinally…

  6. jessica Says:

    Thanks for the kind words, Don….I will be doing a lot more, so stay tuned!

  7. Big Head Says:

    Love it! The part about Tom actually having made a tuna melt is fiction, right?

  8. Michael Rich Says:

    Hey… I make GREAT Campbells soup and even better Progresso!

    Heading over to St. Maxime this afternoon to say goodbye to Nichole Rufenacht at her home as she is on her last legs so I will say hello to La Farandole for you and hope this finds you well and with a better trained husband/cook!


  9. jessica Says:

    No truth! which, as you now, is often stranger than fiction….

  10. Larry Portzline Says:

    Loved it! More please! (I see a sitcom in the making!)

  11. Dagmar Bleasdale Says:

    Oh, I remember that kitchen very well! Jessica, this is so funny! I am so impressed that you didn’t say “um…” once, I would have said that at least 10 times. But then you are a celebrated actress 🙂 You definitely need to make more of these!

    I’m actually getting ready to start vlogging for my blog as well. I have all the equipment, now I just have to find the time. Did you know that Diane’s brother Joel started a blog about his cooking adventures? It’s called Salt and the Single Guy” – http://saltandthesingleguy.com/

    I’m no cook, but this recipe is a hit in our home:

    All the best to everybody!
    Dagmar’s momsense

  12. Robert Says:

    Just terrific! The funniest thing to me was the complaint about drippage, as men don’t know how to use measuring cups. Looking forward to many more of these Jessica!

  13. djgettys Says:

    You are a fantastic presence, even in a short (and hilarious by the way) video about your husband. I am your biggest fan – at least in Kansas City!

    Thanks for the laugh.

  14. Auntie L. Says:

    Hello, Hello, To begin with,the thought of Tom even thinking of cooking somehow set me giggling.. Your prowess with the knife to chop carrots is really impressive, and as for the green sweater? If only being green with envy would turn some of mine that color.

    Keep at it. I’ll be looking for more.

    Love, Lynette

    p.s. Note new E mail address!

  15. Lloyd Says:

    Hi Jessica, you look great, I love the glasses, thanks for the video! You rock! Rock on! Hey by the way I have the special 3 DVD set of Suspiria, if there is anyway that I can get you to autograph it for me let me know; please. Thanks. I live in LA.

  16. jessica Says:

    Hi Dagmar! Thanks for checking this out…I am going to go to Joel’s blog right now and check THATout…love following your tweets and blogs too…congrats on your internet success, it’s great!

  17. Ivan Lee Livingston Says:


    The wife of 26 years was not feeling well on Sunday and I started to panic when I became hungry.

    If I was single I would probably be found dead amonst a pile of sardine cans.

  18. Larry Says:

    Wow. As I guy who is a really good cook I can’t understand your hubby’s lack of skill. As to the video, it wasn’t The Phantom, but it’s always nice to see you. As far as soup skills go; try this. Take any bread crusts, stale buns, old crackers, potato or corn chips-anything wheaty and break them up, then grind them in your coffee grinder. Add the tail ends of all your spice ontainers, then a bit more pepper(I like pepper.) Toss a spoonful or two into soup, stew, casserole; anyhting. Also use it for coating chicken, pork chops, anything you might want to coat. It changes with the ingredients and is an economical way of life. So there!

  19. Donald Says:

    Wow . . .what a treat to see you in a new video, Jessica!

    As a die-hard fan who has seen PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE, SUSPIRIA, SHOCK TREATMENT and PENNIES FROM HEAVEN more times than I can count, any chance to see you again on my tv or computer is very welcome!!

    Please do more!!!

  20. Keller Says:

    My family misses you so much! We heard you sing in Los Angeles when I was three years old. This video is wonderful. Short & sweet. More power to you, and Tom (my dad’s name is Tom, but he can cook pretty well). Please show yourself to the world with your joyous humor more often. Thanx.

  21. Scot Colford Says:

    Wait, has anyone said this yet?

    “Please sing!?”

    And as the input is still young on this thread… I request a well-established show tune. “Happy Talk” is an obvious and wise choice, but hey. I’ll take what I can get on your next video endeavor.

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