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Holiday Crantini

So, the turkey’s in the oven, you are making the stuffing, omitting the chestnuts to accommodate Cousin Larry and leaving the pecans out of the cranberry relish because your daughter won’t eat them and making the mashed potatoes with soy milk because a niece is lactose-intolerant and you’ve just burned the green beans while everyone else is out playing touch football. You’re getting a tad crabby.

If this Thanksgiving scenario sounds vaguely familiar, I suggest that before you even start cooking on Thursday you have a pre-emptive Holiday Crantini, and things will go much more smoothly.

2 parts vodka
2 parts cranberry juice
1 part vermouth
Lime zest twists
Fresh cranberries

1. In a cocktail shaker, put a bunch of crushed ice and the top three ingredients. Shake well, as if you were shaking Cousin Larry for whining about chestnuts in the stuffing. Pour into martini glasses, add a nice lime twist and float a few cranberries in each Crantini.

2. Drink them all yourself or share the cocktails, but only with those who wash the dishes.

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3 Responses to “Holiday Crantini”

  1. Michael Iannarino Says:

    Sounds great but been alcohol free for 3 months!!!!
    That may go nicely to wash down the turkey tartar recipe that one of my clients gave me this year…..his name is Sal Minella. Recipe is available upon request.

    Since I watched the movie last week I have been obsessed in trying to find the actual recordings and sheet music for my uke.

    These two are glorious!!!

  2. The End of Motherhood? Says:

    Sheesh, why didn’t I read this yesterday? Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. First Class Recipes Says:

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