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The Brisket Effect

Okay, so I made Bubbie’s Brisket this weekend and it was insane: EVERYBODY loved it.

A pollster’s analysis of the Brisket-Lovers revealed that some, but not all, were Jewish, some had bubbies and some not, all were pro-OBAMA Californians, fifty-percent were hybrid-drivers, and all were, obviously, carnivorous.

Oh, and all B-L’s had brown hair (or claimed to, but only our hairdresser knows for sure).

It was noted that some of the B-L’s had stated before the tasting that they were opposed to brisket, but expressed a post-prandial change of position. The pollster said this was a common and predictable switcheroo, called The Brisket Effect.

Also worth noting: there was a canine B-L in the group, a dog named Oliver, who did some counter-surfing and partook of more of Bubbie’s Brisket than did many other family members. He is currently lying upside down, legs splayed, next to the air conditioner, a picture of contentment.

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2 Responses to “The Brisket Effect”

  1. Robin Sherwood Says:

    It is really good to know the statistics about B-L lovers having brown hair! That makes me feel better. And that not all B-L’s are in fact Jewish and therfore do not have Bubbie’s Brisket in their DNA.

    We ate the end pieces that my Bubbie would carve for us in the kitchen as the brisket was roasting. A bit of brisket a couple of times a year is not a sin. Oliver, clearly enjoyed his dinner and is in dogie bliss. What contentment. I am taking a lesson on eating Bubbie’s Brisket from Oliver. He looks so happy!!!

    Robin Sherwood

  2. Jessica Harper Says:

    Of course, one notable exception in the stats on B-L’s hair color is Oliver, who claims to be a strawberry blonde, but only his hairdresser knows for sure.

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