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Golf Lessons

I would happily take up golf, If it meant a close encounter with George Clooney…

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6 Responses to “Golf Lessons”

  1. Marco Jimenez Says:

    Well, nobody knows. Maybe the next lesson George by him self would teach you the secrets of the golf. Remember:”…working so hard to be something special… not working just to survive…” Meanwhile, enjoy the chicken salad.

    Best regards Jessica.

  2. Little Sistah Says:

    You look so good in yellow! George Clooney totally missed out!!!

  3. Lloyd Says:

    you are a riot, I love your stories and that laugh of yours. George Clooney has no idea what he is missing out on.

    By the way, HBO is showing the Minority Report, you were great in there and it was nice seeing you in there.


  4. jessica Says:

    Haha, the heck with him. I’m moving on to Robert Downey Jr.

  5. Donald Farmer Says:

    Great video, Jessica. You look like you’ve made time stand still since 1980.

    And I HOPE (really hope!!!) that you have a role in that new SUSPIRIA remake.

  6. Matt Gettys Says:

    You are hilirious! Happy Spring.


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