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Swine Flu Tequila Gimlet

Now that the swine flu is, you know, just SO last week, we can reflect on some of interesting stories related to the panic.

Maybe the most jaw-dropping is the one about those 300,000.  Egyptian pigs who were lined up for slaughter even though there were no cases of the flu in that country, causing outrage in the global community of pig-huggers.

Maybe the most making-lemonade-out-of-Lemons story is the one about that marketing-savvy company that sought to sell advertising space on face masks.

But my fave comes out of my husband’s home town of Baltimore, where that AirTran flight landed last week carrying passengers from Cancun, including a couple of guys who displayed “flu-like” symptoms (i.e. pukage). The flight was quarantined, all on board forced to sit in captivity for forty minutes with the pukers while it was established that, in fact, they did not have the flu, but were merely suffering the effects of drinking too much. My guess is they took in masses of alcohol as a preventive measure; no virus could penetrate a body soaked in tequila.

In honor of those two losers, here’s a fab recipe for a Swine Flu Gimlet. Drink enough of these and you will never die of the swine flu (although liver malfunction is a possibility).


2 ounces tequila
1 ounce Rose’s Lime Juice
Slice of lemon

Combine the tequila and lime juice in a cocktail shaker. Add ice, stir and pour through a strainer into a scenic cocktail glass. Add the lemon slice and drink immediately. For flu prevention, repeat several times.

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