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Carmageddon Cocktails

I’m preparing for Carmageddon in the best possible way:  I’m buying vodka.

In case you live under a rock and have therefore not heard about it, the world as we in L.A. know it is ending on Friday, at least for the weekend, when the 405 will be closed for construction between the 10 and the 101. (If you don’t know what those numbers signify, go back under the rock.)

In L.A., everyone’s suffering from gridlock panic, which is similar to rain panic but more intense. Visions of thousands of diverted vehicles piling up on side streets, bringing the city to a standstill and to its knees, have made Carmageddon the hottest topic of conversation since Wiener.  Everyone is chatting and tweeting, and they’re making elaborate plans to stay home on 7/15/11.

Facing a weekend of driving withdrawal, we’re renewing our NetFlix accounts, upgrading from Hulu to Hulu Plus, downloading books to Kindles, inflating our bike tires and notifying next of kin that things will look ugly in the news but we will most likely survive.  Also, we are stocking up on charcoal, toilet paper, dog food, Ambien and, of course, booze.  Because in L.A., a freeway closure is an invitation to party.

Of course, since nobody can get anywhere, the partying will be a solitary experience.  But it doesn’t have to be!  If you’re in L.A. this weekend, or if you are a long-distance sympathizer, come on over to The Crabby Cook Facebook page and commiserate.  Let us know what your Carmageddon Cocktail of choice is. I think I’m going to try a raspberry martini:

Raspberry Martini

4 raspberries, plus extra for garnish
2 ounces vodka
½ ounce Chambord
½ ounce Triple Sec
1 tablespoon fesh squeezed lime juice

Place the raspberries in a martini shaker and muddle (crush) them.  Add the vodka, Chambord, Triple Sec and lime juice and a handful of ice.  Shake vigorously for about a minute and strain the martini into a chilled martini glass.  Pierce two raspberries with a toothpick and add to your drink for garnish, or just let them float in it.

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9 Responses to “Carmageddon Cocktails”

  1. Sean Says:

    Stocking up on TP? Sounds like the start of a blizzard in Baltimore. I would suggest you also stock up on bread, milk and Jameson . . . not necessarily in that order . . .

    Good luck being carbound!

  2. Michael Iannarino Says:

    I just launched a new company called Luna Kombucha; we will soon be in Whole Foods in central Ohio. Kombucha is fermented green and black tea and is one of THE best cures for a hangover or a pre-hangover. Our first flavor is Black Rasberry; made with Amish Jams(no high fructose corn syrup in this.) Served very cold and highly carbonated; full of natural probiotics and healty live bacteria,(sounds disgusting but it is really good for you.)
    So my vodka miker is Black Raspberry Kombucha; get drunk and stay sober at the same time.
    WARNING: Kombucha is very cleansing so if you are not used to it you might want to get the super sized, value pack Costco toilet paper.

  3. suzanne Says:

    Just read about a Mexican Martini which is similar to the one you’ve published, but uses tequilla instead of vodka! Now THAT’S a REAL Los Angeles carmageddon fiesta chica!

  4. jessica Says:

    Yum! That sounds Fab!

  5. Rick G Says:

    So Michael , you’re saying that Kombuca will keep traffic flowing and open a jammed freeway ? Even stave off an ‘aporschecalypse’ ?

  6. peter harper makepeace Says:

    Try dry sake with ice and Calpiko (Japanese milky beverage pronounced, inexplicably, “Cowpiss), soda water and maybe a sprig of mint. My invention, so far unnamed, since “Alcoholic Cow Piss” just doesn’t do it justice.

  7. debb Says:

    Yummmmm! Can I ride my bike over to your place for a few of these babies? Let’s see…if I leave right now, I should get there by Sunday night…………….

  8. Michael Iannarino Says:

    Rick G, Yes indeedy do. Now, I don’t know what the hell aporschecalypse is. I enjoy a bottle after work; it is a good chaser for my xanax. 🙂

  9. Auntie L Says:

    Well, dearie, now that our week of Soakeggedon and colddeggon, (and this is the high American desert, fer gods sake)) and now no wind, flying branches, flash floods or threatened tornados and what does this fickle desert do? Heats up and FAST to 99 degrees this very minute and rising. So-o-o-o, yes I’ll go on a binge. But Vodka? Ugh If you know a good one, let me know. Otherwis I guess it’s just a large glass of Iced Tea and a lemon.

    Love to you and yours, Lynette

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