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The Chocolate Wars

ChocolatePoundCake2015I always have trouble when I have to make a choice between too many good options. This applies whether I am selecting a paint color for my dining room, or a pair of black sandals, or a recipe for a chocolate dessert. In a paroxysm of indecision, I will bring home seven paint samples from Benjamin Moore, buy four pairs of sandals at Bloomingdale’s, and make two desserts instead of one.

ChocolatePudding2014 This last thing happened on Friday when, per tradition, my Valentine’s Day gift to Tom was to be a fabulous chocolate dessert. (He does flowers.) The damn New York Times had me in a spin when they published all those fabulous recipes. Was it going to be the pound cake or the pudding or the (+.?

I eliminated the last one because Tom doesn’t like his chocolate made complex by the addition of butterscotch. Rather than endure the torture of making another decision, I made both of the other desserts.

After our V-day dinner came the decision of which sweet to eat. Tom exercised great restraint, taking a modest piece of cake topped with a scoop of ice cream the size of a golf ball. For me, making a selection felt like Sophie’s Choice. To break the tension I simply ate both of them, in rather large quantities, and upped my dose of Crestor.

If you would like to make one of these desserts (and I recommend you do—both are delicious) but you need help deciding which one, you should probably ask someone else.







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