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L.A. January Summer Pudding

Those of you who know me well have often heard me complain about the lack of seasonal change in L.A. Well, this week, when the temperature shot up over 80º and my bitch-o-meter responded accordingly, I made a New Year’s resolution to put on a new attitude.

To paraphrase Crosby, Stills and Nash, if you can’t have the season you’re supposed to be having, love the one you’re with. I’m going with the hot flow, putting aside my recipes for cozy, wintry stews and, instead, making summer pudding. (The supermarkets in L.A. always have an abundance of berries no matter how radically out of season they are elsewhere.)

In keeping with other resolutions, summer pudding is also low-fat, and works well for my lactose-intolerant daughter if she forgoes the whipped cream. It also requires no actual cooking, just assembly, which spares you cursing over a hot stove on a day when Mother Nature clearly forgot to take her meds and thinks it’s August.

Here are a few summer pudding recipes, from Ina Garten, Food52 and the L.A. Times.

It will not cure your winter/summer confusion, but it tastes so good you will think you have nothing to bitch about.


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