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2-Ingredient Chocolate Mousse

As those of you who know me know, I am thrilled by recipes that require few ingredients. That’s why my heart leapt when I read about the two-ingredient chocolate mousse.

This mousse was invented by a scientist named Herve This. While he has many other more profound discoveries to his credit, none are as intriguing to chocoholics and lazy ass cooks like me. The guy figured out how to make a delicious dessert with just chocolate and water. It’s, uh, something about the ratio of water and air to cocoa and fat…to be honest, I was not riveted when reading the science of the recipe. I was focused on the simplicity of it.

One caveat: you need to do a few months of strength training before undertaking the amount of whisking required here. I cursed several times at the mousse and at Mr. This while I whisked. I’d go electric next time, but supposedly you have to be careful not to overbeat, or the mousse will turn to brick and you will have to melt it and start over, which would mean more cursing.

Anyway, it’s delicious, of course. Especially if, after all that damn whisking, you are willing to make one more thing: whipped cream.  Here’s the recipe.

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  1. german Says:

    muy bueno el mus de chocolat, es como hacer dulce d leche tenes q batir mucho sino t queda duro. lo unico q es con azucar y leche no c si lo has echo. t sigo de siempre desde la pelicula fantasma del paraiso, soy d argentina.

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