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Green Food

Once again March17th is drawing near and our thoughts have turned to green food. (Well, my thoughts have anyway. Yours may have drifted towards Kierkegaard, say, or Homeland Security.)

As my daughter taught me when she was very young, if you eat green food on St. Patrick’s Day it dramatically decreases your chances of getting pinched or otherwise assaulted by a leprechaun. Not that she, at that age, would allow green food on her plate, mind you. She preferred to keep the little buggers at bay by dressing in green from head to toe.

Now grown, she is more willing to eat green food than to wear a green outfit. Pictured here is a key lime pie she made recently, which looks so good I’m going to make it for St.. Patrick’s Day along with pea soup and maybe a green cocktail or two.

(That should make those pinch-happy leprechauns think twice. )

Recipe for Tarragon Pea Soupis here. Pie is here.

But I know you. What you really want is that green cocktail recipe


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