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Eastover Brunch Contest: The Rick Pick And The Picky Pick!

It’s April 20th, which means many things. First, I just learned it is National Lima Bean Respect Day, so don’t go dissing your limas for 24 hours. Second, today’s the day when some lucky foodie to wins my Eastover brunch recipe contest! If you have not been following this sizzling hot competition, click here to catch up.

There were so many inspiring entries that I found it tough to choose one over the other, so I decided to let fate play a hand in this decision. I wrote the recipe titles on bits of paper and picked one out of a hat. Well, actually it was a bike helmet. And, well, actually, I picked two.

See, first I picked Rick Popko’s frittata recipe, but I knew immediately that I was in trouble. The trouble was not with the recipe, but with the irritating people invited to the Eastover brunch. The recipe calls for roasted red peppers and dill, neither of which my husband will eat. My aunt hates lox and my uncle gags on spinach. Eggs make my cousin Larry squeamish, and my lactose-intolerant niece won’t eat Asiago cheese or crème fraiche. (My sweet mother-in-law will eat anything, as long as she gets her glass of Jim Beam.)

So, full disclosure, I picked a second time. I needed something that I could feed all these people that they would not bitch about. My second pick was Julie’s recipe for charoses, which has a charmingly short list of ingredients, none of which will offend anyone, I hope.

So two people get prizes. Congrats to Rick for first pick and Julie for picky pick! You can find their recipes here, in the comments section. You might want to do a scan of your guests’ food preferences before you make them. Or take the crabby approach: Serve what you want and if they don’t like it, tell ‘em to go to IHOP.

Happy Eastover (or Passter, or whatever)!

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  1. Little Sistah Says:

    I know you will understand why I did not submit but love reading as per usual!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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