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Who Kneads It? Not Me.

I and others like me who are honing our cooking avoidance skills seldom (okay, never) bake bread. Why bother when there’s a market nearby that sells fresh baguettes every day?

Who kneads it? Not I. Way too much trouble.

Okay, so maybe I would get Michelle Obama arms if I were willing to knead bread dough. That, I have to say, is a strong motivator. But apparently not strong enough: you don’t see me rushing to the market to buy yeast.

But yesterday I read about a new book that makes the claim that kneading is totally last century and you can make perfectly good bread without it. The book is “Kneadlessly Simple: Fabulous, Fuss-free, No-knead Breads” and it’s by Nancy Baggett. (I know, weird, right? Baguette?) If you are a crabby task-avoidance specialist like me (and Nancy) you can click here to read more about how to become kneadless.

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  1. Lloyd Says:

    Very interesting, thanks.

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