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T.K.O. Cookies

As I staggered out of J. Crew at Rockefeller Center today I saw, on the other side of the skating rink, an establishment that was the weary midtown shopper’s equivalent of a drinking fountain in the dessert: Bouchon Bakery.

This shop is the purveyor of what is currently my all time favorite guilty pleasure in New York. The T.K.O. cookie is like a super-sized Oreo, made with exquisite ingredients (including a whole lot of butter and perfect cocoa powder).

To say it is delicious is like saying Brad Pitt is good looking. That doesn’t begin to cover it.  The T.K.O. has the power to transport you. (Brad Pitt may have that power too but he’s not for sale. At least not for $3.75.)

Caveat: If you eat more than one or you might end up on the rink speed-skating in circles for a couple hours.


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One Response to “T.K.O. Cookies”

  1. Anna Says:

    …but how do you only eat one?

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