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If you live in L.A., you might want to check out Scoops, an ice cream shop (or should I say shoppe) that’s getting to be pretty famous locally, because of its astonishing flavor menu.

Located downtown, Scoops’ recent menu (it changes frequently, subject to the whim of the guy who runs the place and makes the product), included Red Tea Dulce de Leche, Goat Cheese and Rosemary, Mango Margherita, Blackberry Balsamic, and the relatively tame Banana Avocado.

I liked the idea of a flavor called Brown Bread. I mean, in theory, doesn’t that sound like it has potential? I got a sample, and I could swear it’s just vanilla with Grape Nuts mixed in. Which is fine, I mean, but why don’t they just call it Grape Nuts ice cream? I guess because nobody would buy it. That’s what you eat at home, if you’re really desperate: vanilla with Grape Nuts. (Or maybe you don’t. Maybe you’re more the pasta with peanut butter type. When you’re desperate.)

Maybe the most intriguing flavor they make is Nicotine, which, as I’m an ex-smoker, has a racy appeal. I heard that they buy those nicotine pills, smash them to a powder and mix them into a vanilla ice cream and add a little mint. I don’t dare go near this stuff for fear of re-addiction, but pair up that Nicotine with their Jack Daniels Bourbaon Vanilla Gelato, and if Jack Nicholson happens to be coming for dinner, you’ve got your dessert.

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7 Responses to “Scoops”

  1. Ryan Says:

    I plan on moving to L.A. when I am finished with school in Pittsburgh, so I will try to remember to visit this place! I love exotic ice cream flavors.

  2. Jessica Harper Says:

    …then you will love Scoops….

  3. Barney Saltzberg Says:

    What, no address?

  4. Jennifer Says:

    Wow… I have never heard of such out-there flavors before! Do you know if they have lychee flavored ice cream there? That is my all time favorite flavor!

  5. James Robertson Says:

    Wow, some of those sound gross – and I’m pretty open minded! I have actually had vanilla with grape Nuts…or was that vanilla yogurt….? Scratch that – it was yogurt, nevermind! Lol! I am quite a Ben and Jerry’s addict myself, everything an ice cream lover could want!!! : )

  6. Jessica Harper Says:

    Jennifer I don’t know if they have lychee flavor, they keep changing the flavors so it’s hard to keep up

  7. Jessica Harper Says:

    sorry Barney, here’s the address: 712 n heliptrope drive, los angeles 90029…it’s the Wilshire Center….323-906-2649

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