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My New Best Friends

My new favorite things in life are these Pylones rolling salt cellars. Cleverly disguised as mutant robo-chickens, they are shakers with a difference. When a fellow diner asks you to pass the salt, these will save you a lot of unnecessary exercise.

All you have to do is wind the things  up and place them on the table. They will roll to the salt-hugger across from you. No  more tiresome reaching across the dinner table, knocking over champagne glasses and candlesticks, dampening the tablecloth and setting your hostess on fire. Just send the little chick monster on its way. As long as it doesn’t crash into a dessert fork, the salt will get to its destination.

So put these on your list of go-to holiday gifts, or put them right on your holiday table, and get ready to shake things up.

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