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Jo’s Chocolate-Covered Graham Crackers


I know it’s Easter and we’re supposed to be eating marshmallow Peeps but instead, I’m treating myself to another sweet thing: Jo’s chocolate-covered graham crackers. Jo’s been making them since the forties, in your choice of dark or milk chocolate. I buy a mixed box, because Tom likes dark and I like milk The dark are gone in sixty seconds, while I tend to hoard the milk, saving them for special occasions, like Easter, when, what with the girls gone to college and my aversion to marshmallow sprayed with yellow dye #6, I see no good reason to purchase Peeps.

I’m telling you, order some of these babies now, and you’ll kiss those Peeps goodbye.

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One Response to “Jo’s Chocolate-Covered Graham Crackers”

  1. Scot Colford Says:

    Oh, Jessica my Jessica. How dare you debase the humble Peep®? I truly adore them, though I’m one of those weirdos who rip open the cellophane as soon as I bring them home and leave them to sit for a couple weeks before enjoying them. Mmmm, chewy and toothsome treats. And if the Just Born Peeps® don’t excite you, you should at least try my homemade ones. Those are good right away — no need to stale-ize them.

    That said, Jo’s crackers look delicious. Kinda like Keebler Deluxe Grahams®, but better!

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