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Sheepstockphoto_Sheep_4657225Being of Scottish descent, I figure it’s my duty to do what other Scots do and celebrate Robert Burns’s birthday on Jan. 25th with a meal that includes haggis.

For those of you who don’t know what haggis is (or if you once knew but put it out of your mind because it was too gross to contemplate), it’s, well, you take a sheep’s stomach (that would be a dead sheep), stuff it with  that same sheep’s chopped up heart, lungs and liver, and steam the whole thing for an hour. (Yes, I know.)

If you find this recipe off-putting (you wuss!), but would like to honor Mr. Burns in the traditional fashion, Heritage Foods is offering a modern, less, um, gutsy type of haggis, made with beef shoulder and liver, onion, seasonings and beef suet. It’s on sale now. (I guess they overstocked, expecting more haggis-huggers to surface for the celebration.)  Click here to investigate.

But before you purchase, consider this poem which has been attributed to Burns himself:

In honor of my birthday, friends,

You’ll pay a lot of bucks,

To eat a bunch of sheepish guts.

Don’t do it: haggis sucks.

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4 Responses to “Haggis”

  1. Robert Says:

    A few years back I was in Europe at year’s end, and while in transit between London and Nice at Heathrow had a haggis & cranberry sandwich. As it was December 27th they must have still been including holiday fare among the food. The friend I was traveling with was apprehensive, but I pointed out “Seriously, where else are you going to have a haggis & cranberry sandwich”? It was actually decent, though I couldn’t tell you of any distinct taste quality. On the return leg from France I managed to sample another curiosity – black pudding. Decent too, though I wouldn’t make it a regular indulgence.

  2. Lloyd Says:

    Jessica, i had no idea you are of Scottish descent; thanks for the info on Haggis, like chitterlings i think i will pass on Haggis; now as for sushi…now you’re talking.

  3. Lloyd Says:

    Great poem by Mr. Burns, I love exotic cuisine but I will pass on Haggis.

  4. Submarine Mark Says:

    While stationed out of Scotland on one of the more loverly days, (the rain was only blowing slightly sideways-like), I got a hankering for a good ole American hamburger. I popped into a lovely pub/restaurant/bed and breakfast location with a beautiful view of the Loch (I guessed it would be beautiful if I could see through the river of water flowing over the windows) and ordered a “Hamburger” from the menu. After a short wait, the host appeared with a truely heroic sized Hamburger with all the fixings, finely displayed on the plate. “At last” I thought, “a break from the endless diet of fish and chips!” I picked up the substantial sandwich and took a good sized bite…and promptly looked for a polite and indescrete way to remove the utterly foul tasting item from my mouth! After accomplishing that task, I signaled for the waiter to come over and quietly asked him what type of meat had been used to make this finely presented meal. “Why, Mutton of course Sir”, he replied. I thanked him and ordered a double Scotch, (to forever burn the memory of that horrible taste from my tongue). Try Haggis? No thanks. I’ll stick to fish and chips.
    Forever your friend,
    Submarine Mark

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