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Going Coconuts In Florida

I’m on a book tour, and I’ve seen an awful lot of Florida this week. (If it’s Tuesday this must be Tampa.) The reward for the schlepping is the abundance of one of my favorite things: Coconut patties.

When I grew up in Illinois, we ate Almond Joy bars, which are similar, but a poor substitute for the Florida product. Normally, I have to beg my friend Hannah, who’s a part-time Floridian, to bring me some when she comes back to L.A.. But now I’m able to scarf down as many as I want and flll my suitcase with more for future binges.

By the way, if you prefer coconuts in their original condition, Florida is the place for you. Just click here for some handy info on how to disassemble one. (I would have done this but the concierge could not produce a machete.)

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