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Go, Peanut Butter!

Poor old peanut butter. Everybody’s got a hate on it these days. But peanut butter has been a friend to me for so many years, I’m sticking by it, salmonella or no salmonella.

I even went so far as to eat a full tablespoonful of the stuff yesterday, and luckily survived my fit of loyalty.

Why this reckless attitude? Because peanut butter has made it so much easier to survive parenthood (easy lunches) and marriage (one food item my husband can prepare for himself) and also it tastes great with apples.

So I’m holding on to my pro-P.B. position, and in that spirit, I suggest you try Santa Cruz Organic Dark-roasted P.B. (creamy style). It’s awesome, and I’m thinking (perhaps foolishly, since I’m a little foggy on which products are actually more likely to contain rat droppings) that your risk of death is minimal.

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4 Responses to “Go, Peanut Butter!”

  1. Lloyd Says:

    Something we have in common Jessica, I love p b & j sandwiches, salmonella or not at all, give me my sandwiches, and I am still here and alive and well in LA!

  2. Robert Says:

    In the early 1990s my then-girlfriend & I took a trip to Singapore and Malaysia. Opposite our hotel in Singapore was a Japanese-owned department store that had a food stand serving these little pancakes. They were available plain, stuffed with red bean paste or stuffed with peanut butter….and oh how these were delicious! I remember coming back to the hotel one afternoon and having a mean craving for these little treats, so much so that I made the cross-boulevard dash in monsoon weather and wound up slipping on a patch of saturated grass. It mattered little that I was completely soaked and now supported an array of grass & mud stains…it seemed all very much worth it for peanut butter pancakes.

    My rule of thumb when it comes to purchasing peanut butter: if there is any kind of product warning reading “may contain surprise elements” then I skip that brand.

  3. Joan Shapiro Says:

    I have been blithely ignoring the warnings and have peanut butter on a graham cracker almost every day, at least once. Life without peanut butter is not worth living and I’m sure that I ate a lot worse during my childhood with countless dogs, lizards, goats, cats, geese,fish,and parrots in residence. My Dad loved pets and I think we developed immunities to things you can not even imagine. While I actually barely survived my childhood pets and siblings, I’m pretty tough now, I think. So, as I say, I can deprive myself of some things, but NOT peanut butter. I am now seat-belted, vitamin enriched, trans fat free and well exercised. I have gladly given up grilled cheese, french fries, well marbled steaks and bologna, but I am forever faithful to caffeine, no matter what they discover (they keep trying but they haven’t found danger here, yet), bacon, peanut butter and cheese. Goat cheese is something we do not have to give up and it makes up for a lot of losses.
    By the way, the older I get, I’m going to start adding things back into my diet. I’m going to go out on a peanut butter sandwhich on toasted, buttered white bread (Elvis did deep fried), with bacon and cheese fries.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Joanie, I’m so with you. I always said I’d resume smoking at 80. I also have heard recently that coffee is SO good for you, the antioxidant queen, just sip it all day and you’ll never die. Well, you might die eventually, but you’ll outlive everybody wo tells you not to drink coffee or eat peanut butter.

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