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Gimme Five

Just when you thought Haagen-Dazs couldn’t be better (unless you are like my friend Rena who actually thinks it could be better), they’ve come up with, not just a new fabulous flavor but a whole new fabulous line, called “Five,” because the ice cream in question has only five ingredients.  There are no stabilizers and whatever other junky stuff ice cream usually has, just five things: skim milk, cream, sugar, eggs, and a flavoring.

I bought the ginger-flavored one. I actually don’t even like ginger that much, but it sounded exotic; I could pretend I was vacationing in Thailand which would improve my mood. Also I knew nobody else in my family would eat anything gingery so I would have it all to myself.

It’s good, lighter than regular Haagen-Dazs with major ginger flavor going on. But if you’re not interested in mind-tripping to Phuket and you are not so possessive of your ice cream as I am, you might buy flavors your whole family are more likely to enjoy, like the brown sugar, the milk chocolate, the mint, coffee, passion fruit or vanilla bean. You might even want to have a “Five” tasting party at your house (Tupperware parties are so 2006) and really check all the stuff out.

Here’s what I’m doing: I am going to make a banana split with the brown sugar, ginger and milk chocolate. Yes, topped with chocolate sauce and whipped cream. Just try and stop me.

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