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Flower Spatula

I’m not usually one to get emotional over utensils. I own as few as possible and use each of them for multiple tasks, some way beyond what they were designed for. The apple corer scoops out zucchini guts or bores a hole in a cupcake to make room for filling. The ice cream scoop measures batter for cupcakes, and, last week, served as a gardening tool when I planted mint.

Recently, after our dog Oliver left evidence of an upset stomach on our carpet, I used my spatula in the clean-up process. I know what you are thinking: remind me never to go to Jessica’s house for pancakes. Well, calm down. Even for me, the idea of putting that spatula back into food service was too much: I tossed it.

Just as I was about to summon the energy to seek a replacement on Bed, Bath and Beyond’s humungous utensil wall, this cute thing caught my eye in the newspaper: a spatula disguised as a perky, yellow flower. I bought it on the spot (and so can you, at Crate and Barrel).

And when it is not in use in the kitchen, it’ll make a dandy fly-swatter, or (pictured here), a stunt flower in my garden.

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2 Responses to “Flower Spatula”

  1. Scot Colford Says:

    Fabulous tool, I must say. But more than that, kudos for you for *planting* mint! I love it when mint comes up in our garden, but some people seem to think it’s a weed since it propagates so easily. And since we live in a three-condo building, that sometimes can be a problem. But now I think I have my neighbors properly trained and this may be a summer of mojitos. You are certainly welcome to join us, if you are in the neighborhood!

  2. Hannah Hempstead Says:

    I am rushing out to get one of those flower spatulas and I don’t even cook!

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