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Eggplants Or Aliens?

I went to the farmer’s market at Union Square in NYC yesterday and saw these eggplants. I was struck by their unusual color. I have never eaten anything that shade of purple, although I believe I have a blouse that color which I never have the proper attitude to wear.

Although it occurred to me that these alleged vegetables might actually be pods containing aliens who would pop out at night and take over Manhattan, I bought one and took it home. This morning, it was still intact, so either the alien is biding his time or I actually purchased something edible.

I will try to cook it later. Eggplant burgers, I think.  If you don’t hear from me for a while, assume that my alien theory was correct and please notify the authorities.

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4 Responses to “Eggplants Or Aliens?”

  1. Scottie Says:

    Pods you say? How do I know you’re the real Jessica? Those are a beautiful color. Is there a recipe for Eggplant Burgers on your site? The only reason I’m allowed to go onto your site while I’m at work is because I love to cook and my boss and colleagues love your recipes.

  2. jessica Says:

    Click on the words “eggplant burgers” in the post, to go to the recipe…

  3. suzanne Says:

    You must be in NY on your own because there’s no way Tom will be eating eggplant burgers.

  4. Jacob Says:

    Just had it yesterday at a restaurant. It was cut into thin bite-sized pieces, dipped in batter and deep-fried till crispy. Served together with string beans. It was tasty, although I could not taste the eggplant at all.

    My daughter prefers to slice them about 2mm thick (aliens and all) and simply bake them. Taste exactly like eggplant (yuck).

    Traditional way (my family) is to stir fry some dried shrimp with chopped garlic and shallots and a pinch of salt with olive oil, then throw the bite-sized eggplant in to cook till done. Result? Oily, but fragrant!

    Apparently, eggplant is not recommended for pregnant women cos one time a lady refused to sell them to my wife who was pregnant at the time. Never really got that verified though.

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