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Cuisinart Measuring Cup

I don’t now about you, but, as I’ve gotten older and more visually challenged, measuring liquids has become more challenging (meaning, irritating). I pour water, say, into a Pyrex measuring cup and for the life of me, I can’t read the markers. I hold the cup up to the light, look at it sideways and then from the bottom, I wiggle it around, I speak to it (not in a nice way), and finally just think to myself, in my inimitable crabby way, that whatever the hell is in there is close enough.

So I was thrilled to discover the Cuisinart measuring cup, which has a little red ball that rises up its handle, marking quantities in a way that’s much easier to see. This measuring cup has put an end to the embarrassing spectacle of me thrashing around my kitchen, squinting and cursing at a glass of water.

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