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Book Group

My book group is coming over, so I’ve gotta cook. Or…do I?

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7 Responses to “Book Group”

  1. Don Kehn, Jr. Says:

    Littrachoor–well, John Grisham– & pizza. The perfect (read: oh so crafty) hostess not only matches themes but arranges qualitative symmetry…And doggone it, JH you do look stunning in black! (No flattery intended, of course…) Now, I think a Dorothy Parker biopic is in order…

  2. Lloyd Says:

    Jessica, you are too much, I love it. I love your humor!!!

  3. Denise Osso Says:

    Thanks for the moment of mirth. So, how was the pie? 🙂

  4. chris Says:

    Does this mean that after you read John Grisham that you wish you hadn’t? Or that it isn’t very good an hour in?
    But then kids do seem to love it……….hmmmm
    (and yes dear, you do look mahvelous)

  5. Ivan Lee Livingston Says:

    Art at it’s finest and comedy that is silly and playful at the same time :0)

    5 stars / Miss Jessica

  6. jessica Says:

    Thanks Ivan!

  7. bill/wm barker Says:

    jessica believe it or don’t i’m going to offer your next book group an interesting recipe. simply provide cold strawberry smoothis for all the guys and gals at the next book group-then amyone who likes dacquiries can bring along any of the necessary ingrediants. hope this helps. bill

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